LOAD513 Day 31

Today is the last day of the May LOAD challenge.  It has been a lot of fun.  I have gotten a little quicker making pages but my photography of the pages hasn’t gotten any better.  I need to work on that.  I have done 31 layouts for the challenge and about 10 more at a crop.  All told I made between 45-50 pages.  It was great to get so much done and I am motivated to continue working.  I even have a bunch of stuff to take to Iowa with me tomorrow. 

Today’s prompt was billiard room.  Again I wish I had some pictures from back in my life when we played pool or swam in the pool in my parents backyard.  I didn’t feel like digging them out so I went with the next closest thing, kiddo jumping in the tub fully dressed. 

LOAD31 Bath time

LOAD513 Day 30

Today’s prompt was the lead pipe.  I really had no idea what to do with that so I just did my usual and grabbed the next pictures.  Today was kiddo’s first Thanksgiving in Denver.


LOAD513 Day 29

Today’s prompt was Professor Plum.  I would have loved to do a page for my wedding book since it is all purple.  But I did pictures of kiddo chasing geese.  They are pretty cute pictures.

LOAD29 Chasing Geese

LOAD513 Day 28

Today’s prompt was life’s mystery of where.  The sample page took on where did time go?  I am doing the pages after getting back from our trip so I did a super quick page of kiddo and I wearing our Peanuts Halloween shirts.

LOAD28 The Great Pumpkin

LOAD513 Day 27

Today’s prompt was conflict.  I was still in a fall/Halloween mood so I grabbed the pictures of kiddo carving his first pumpkin with his cousin.

LOAD27 Carving pumpkins

LOAD513 Day 26

I was gone for five days and didn’t do any scrapbooking while I was gone so I caught up when I got back.  Today’s prompt was the movie Psycho.  Again, I probably have plenty of pictures to pick from but I grabbed kiddo’s 15 month pictures.  I am done through September 2011 except for a few days of vacation in July.  I will have those done in the next couple of weeks.

LOAD26 15 month pictures

LOAD513 Day 25

Today’s prompt was the motive of self defense.  I have no idea what to do for that one.  And besides I made the page yesterday so I could get it posted today before we left for the weekend.  I did pages about kiddo’s second visit to Center Grove Orchard. 

LOAD25 Center Grove Orchard

LOAD25 Center Grove Orchard