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Straw Hat

Ethan loves his hats.  I love these pictures.  He plays with his straw hat constantly.  I knew I wanted a background that worked with the hat.  The closest thing I could figure out was burlap.  That was a pain to work with.  It doesn’t want to stay straight for anything.  I found it was easier to attach it to the page then trim the edges. 

Straw hat



I took pictures of Ethan with bubbles on his face during his second bubble bath.  I knew I wanted to do something with them.  Then I saw these crystals at Michaels and knew I wanted to use them.  I think they look like bubbles. 


Picture frame

Tonight was another project but I actually really enjoyed it.  It turned out great.  We bought frames to cover for Ethan’s seven month pictures months ago. 

We started with the plain frame and a pile of material left over from Shane making Ethan’s blanket.


We glued batting to the frame to make it a little puffy.


I covered the long sides with some material.  These sides were way easier than the other sides since I didn’t have to worry about the edges. 

two sides

Here is the final product.

All done

Advent Calendar

I have wanted to make an advent calendar since examples started showing up at Memory Bound.  The first one was so neat and I really wanted to do it but it was too expensive.  When we went to the store today, they had a kit for $14.  I decided to get it since everything was included.  I don’t know why I do projects.  I hate them.  They always take way longer than I think they will.  I am so glad Suzie helped me with this.  With two of us, it still took 5 hours. 

We started out with the complete kit.

We R Memory Keepers Advent Calendar Kit - FrontWe R Memory Keepers Advent Calendar Kit-back

We punched out all the boxes . . .

Boxes punched out

and put them together.  We used a bone folder after the first one.  It made much sharper lines and helped the boxes stay closed.

Boxes put together

After that we had to figure out how to configure them.  The instructions include how to make a tree.  We decided a pyramid was more stable.

Boxes stacked up

It looked so nice all put together with the boxes shut. 

Calendar all stuck together

Last we made all the decorations for the numbers.  That was fun.  There were tons of embellishments to pick from. 

Calendar finished

The boxes do not want to stay shut. I will probably end up gluing them closed and figuring out a different way to use it.