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Mother’s Day presents

I have been trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day.  I finally decided I would have Ethan paint a card and we would get a plant to go with it or something.  Then I received the Martha Stewart Living magazine and I had a better idea.  They had a project for kids to finger paint some paper then wrap it around a candle holder.  I thought that was perfect.  Ethan and I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paper and the things we wanted to wrap it around on May 7.  That night, Shane helped Ethan.  We decided to do handprints instead of painting.

Ethan was not impressed when Shane painted on his hands.  He still does not like having dirty hands unless he does it himself.

Making Mother's Day presents

Then he had to squish it on the paper.

Making Mother's Day presents

We did this with four colors.  Ethan never got more impressed with the process.

Making Mother's Day presents

But he did like the squishing.

Making Mother's Day presents

Ethan was pretty proud of his “handy” work. 

Making Mother's Day presents

Now comes the fun part.  I had to trim all the papers to fit the way I wanted.  Martha Stewart said to put the paper on with double sided tape.  I wanted something more permanent so I went with Mod Podge. 

I glued the paper to nine inch glass containers then covered it with five coats of mod podge, sanding between each coat.  They turned out pretty well.

Mother's Day 2012 presents