LOAD 513 Day 1

I decided to do Layout a Day (LOAD) this may to make me work on Ethan’s book again.  It has been a while since I added anything to it.  I am almost two years behind.  Hopefully by the end of May I will only be a year and a half behind. 

The theme of LOAD 513 (May 2013) is Clue the game.  Each Day Lain Ehmann send out a prompt to think about for the layout that day.  The first prompt was Mrs. White.  The idea was to use white in the layout or make one about housekeeping.  There is a Flickr gallery for the group and everyone uploads their layout.  Most of them were about white stuff compared to housekeeping.  I used more white than usual in my page. 

My first layout for LOAD 513 is kiddo’s second first 4th of July.  His first fourth of July he was sedated and Shane and I watched fireworks out the window at the hospital. 

LOAD 513-1

Hopefully by the end of the month I will also be taking better pictures of my layouts. 


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