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LOAD513 Day 26

I was gone for five days and didn’t do any scrapbooking while I was gone so I caught up when I got back.  Today’s prompt was the movie Psycho.  Again, I probably have plenty of pictures to pick from but I grabbed kiddo’s 15 month pictures.  I am done through September 2011 except for a few days of vacation in July.  I will have those done in the next couple of weeks.

LOAD26 15 month pictures



I used Imagination Station a lot to come up with the titles for these pages.  Ethan was a good helper. 





This is the first page of Ethan’s third scrapbook.  It is for November 28, 2010.  He turned five months old that day and is on page 121 of his scrapbooks.  This is one well documented and scrapbooked baby!

First page of Ethan's 3rd book