LOAD513 Day 24

Today’s prompt was the hallway.  I would have loved to do some pictures from college when I lived in Halls, but I didn’t feel like digging them out.  Instead I grabbed pictures from kiddo’s first time down a slide by himself and playing in leaves.

LOAD24 First time playing in leaves

LOAD24 first time on a slide

LOAD24 playing in leaves


LOAD513 Day 23

Today’s prompt was the weapon candlesticks.  I couldn’t think of something to scrap about candles or stamping or anything relevant.  So I pulled out the last pictures for September to work on.  I am now caught up through September 2011 except our trip to Michigan in July.  I am going to work on that at a crop in June. 

LOAD23 Trip to Colorado

LOAD513 Day 22

Today’s prompt was Ms. Scarlet.  Lain had a great story to go with this prompt.  I decided to go with the color and made a page about apples kiddo ate from his grandparents backyard. 

LOAD22 Apple of My Eye

LOAD513 Day 21

Today’s prompt was What.  I didn’t have any good ideas for that so I grabbed pictures of kiddo in his diapers.  We decided to go with cloth diapers and the covers were so cute. 

LOAD21 cloth diapers

LOAD513 Day 20

Today’s prompt was vocabulary, suspense.  I had no idea what to do so I grabbed the next set of pictures like usual.  This time kiddo is exploring the yard at his grandparents.

LOAD20 Exploring the yard

LOAD513 Day 19

Today’s prompt was a book, A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton.  I had a hard time coming up with something to do with this prompt so I grabbed the pictures of kiddo smelling the laundry soap.  As I was doing the page I realized it does with with the prompt.  Kiddo is an investigator.  He has to check out everything and this time it was how the soap smelled. 

LOAD19 Sniff Sniff Hooray

LOAD513 Day 18

Today’s prompt was the motive of jealousy.  A lot of the people that have more than one kid talked about sibling rivalry.  Since I only have one for now that didn’t work.  I couldn’t think of anything to do on prompt so I grabbed pictures of kiddo with his daddy blanket. 

LOAD18 My Favorite Blanket